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A Not-For-Profit Organization

In 2021, Stages Chicago transitioned to a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in order to expand our reach and better support our mission of making quality performing arts education experiences accessible for ALL children and families.


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- Stages Unedited, A Cabaret for Ages 21+ (Nov 5)

- Stages Day on Broadway with Wicked (Nov 23)

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I started Stages because I wanted to create a new kind of performing arts program here in Chicago. A program that combined best practices in child development and early education with high quality musical theater experiences. A program that focused solely on classes, camps, special events, and birthday parties, allowing us to engage directly with children and families and build community. A program that hired teaching artists who were not just talented performers but amazing educators and caregivers. A program that was inclusive. A program that welcomed and celebrated children and families of all backgrounds and abilities. And over the last 5 years, we built that program... 

Being the owner of Stages Performing Arts has been a dream realized in every way. I am in awe of the team we've assembled, the community we've formed, and the magic we've created. I am proud of the program we have built.

Then came Covid and the end of business as usual here at Stages. Each and every pivot we made as a company to survive allowed me to see Stages in a new light. It helped me realize that what makes Stages so special is not the songs or the costumes or the sensory bins - but the unique way these things come together to create an opportunity for children to learn new things, process emotions, build relationships, and experience wonder. 

After a year of teaching virtually and social distancing, I found myself more committed than ever to making our programs accessible for children and families throughout our city. But in order to do this without compromising the quality of our programs, the livelihoods of our teaching artists, or the affordability of our current classes, we can no longer rely solely on revenue. The time has time to say "So Long, Farewell" to Stages Performing Arts, LLC and "Hello" to Stages Chicago, NFP.

The mission of Stages Chicago is to make quality performing arts education experiences accessible for ALL children and families.

In addition to offering our programming for free or at a greatly discounted rate to families in need of financial assistance, we are thrilled to begin partnering with medical and therapeutic settings, schools, and organizations that serve underresourced neighborhoods throughout our city to meet families where they  are and create programming that caters to the needs of each individual child.

We are excited for the opportunity to grow in new and exciting ways as an organization.

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