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Performing Arts Education for EVERY Child

Stages Chicago is an arts education program founded in 2016 that is dedicated to bringing the highest quality, developmentally appropriate performing arts experiences to children and families. Our curriculum is developed by professional performers turned early childhood development professionals who have decades of experience onstage and in the classroom. Stages is proud to offer a variety of inclusive programming for all ages and abilities. From developmentally appropriate music classes for infants (that are also entertaining for adults) to after school programs that serve as a training ground for the next generation of performers, Stages has it all.


In 2021, Stages Chicago transitioned to a not-for-profit organization in order to expand our reach and better support our mission of making quality performing arts education experiences accessible for all children and families.

Our Core Values

  • Children of all races, abilities and socio-economic statuses should have access to high quality arts education and arts experiences. 

  • Representation and diversity matter. We want to celebrate and amplify diverse voices and stories that make up both the greater theatre community as well as the communities in which we operate. We want every child to see themselves in the stories we tell and feel a sense of belonging.

  • Arts experiences foster empathy in children which in turn builds more inclusive communities.

  • We believe in the magic of musical theatre and the ability of high quality arts experiences to inspire creativity, curiosity, and openness in children.

Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Emily Pinas Schakowsky

Founder, Executive Director,

Board President

CF2F222F-9CCD-4537-B0BB-471076E705C9 - Colin Funk.jpeg

Colin Funk

Director of Early Childhood Programming

& Board Vice President


Allison Hendrix

Board Secretary


Jeremy Round

Board Treasurer


Sara Yaniga

Board Member

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Naomi Brigell Headshot 2022 - Stages Chicago.jpg

Naomi Brigell

Business Manager

0110-JER_1372 - Claire Weinstein.jpg

Claire Weinstein

Parties & Events Manager & Teaching Artist

Olivia Chant Buss Headshot - Olivia Buss.jpg

Olivia Buss

Camp Director & Teaching Artist

IMG_7896 - Sabrina Schoenberg.jpeg

Sabrina Schoenberg

Dance Director & Teaching Artist

Scallen HS 4 - Cee Scallen.jpg

Cee Scallen

Camp Director & Teaching Artist

A46809AE-68D8-47BD-AC32-0147C0804A95 - Deanna Nutt.jpeg

Deanna Nutt

Broadway Prep Lead Teacher & Teaching Artist

jpg2pdf - Jonah Cochin.jpg

Jonah Cochin

Birthday Party Coordinator & Teaching Artist

Bohan-152 - Heather Bohan.jpg

Heather Bohan

Teaching Artist

350662800_1530453374471173_3525758894485087101_n - Miranda Freaking Hunter.jpg

Miranda Hunter

Teaching Artist

92D50E23-31DC-4879-85AC-EDB323688E55 - Kylee Masterson.jpeg

Kylee Masterson

Teaching Artist

IMG_0087 - Eduarda Viana Regis.JPG

Duda Regis

Teaching Artist

FayerD (167 of 443) - Faye Davis.jpg

Faye Davis

Birthday Party Coordinator & Teaching Artist

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 4.41.53 PM - Haley Bolithon.png

Haley Bolithon

Teaching Artist

EF167BDE-9E34-48B2-8874-F8D1E1E2D87F - Hope Lee.jpeg

Hope Lee

Teaching Artist

Limmah Headshot crop - Stages Teachers.jpg

Alimmah Muhammad

Teaching Artist


Hunter Trammell

Teaching Artist

Allen_Alvi-129-edit_web - Alvi Allen.jpg

Alvi Allen

Teaching Artist

HEADSHOT - Felicia Hinojosa.jpg

Felicia Hinojosa

Teaching Artist

IMG_7407 - Ricky Ahrens.jpeg

Ricky Luoto

Teaching Artist

Cameron Nalley Headshot copy 2 2 - Cameron Nalley.jpg

Cameron Nalley

Teaching Artist


Patrick ZurSchmiede

Teaching Artist

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